Collective financing for climate

The technologies required to do this exist, but the financial burden and extended payback time deter many factories from adopting electrification and renewable energy solutions, slowing progress towards decarbonisation goals.

Future Supplier Initiative helps bridge these investment gaps by offering dedicated technical and financial support to garment manufacturing, and spinning and knitting facilities.

How do we achieve impact at scale?

Tailored proposals

Creating site-specific technical and financial proformas.

Facilitating supplier and equipment/service provider proposal development to align on a final package of measures to be implemented and financed via loans with favourable terms.

Technology list

  • FSI maintains and updates a list of decarbonization technologies through internal and expertise, review of case studies, OEM brochures and research
  • Categorize and prioritize the list based on payback, emission reduction potential, regional feasibility, ease of implementation and scalability

Evaluation and selection

  • FSI collects existing energy assessments and data, recent or planned emission reduction projects to understand present scenario
    • Optionally, FSI energy experts or local partners conduct an onsite energy assessment to gather information and validate feasibility of potential technologies
  • Supplier submits data as per the request, and FSI evaluates collected information and selects feasible technical solutions from the list
  • FSI creates a technical and financial proposal for the package of proposed technologies, including calculation of relevant metrics and display of a marginal emission reduction cost curve, best suited to supplier’s requirement
  • Suppliers, brand and FSI align on the final package of projects for next stage of diligence

OEM Facilitation and Site Feasibility

  • Identify multiple OEMs or solution providers for the proposed projects
  • FSI facilitates OEM’s site visits to carryout feasibility assessments. OEMs provide proposals aligned to the technical requirements of FSI
  • Carry out technical due diligence of OEM proposals with the supplier to check their technical competency and make final selection

Certified methodology

Create methodology to measure and assign carbon benefits of the measures to the investing brands’ scope 3 inventories.

Multi-step approach ensures credible measurement, verification and reporting of emission reductions:

  • Reduction potential analysis & investment criteria check & project selection
  • Baselining – follows FSI Guidance
  • Monitoring and verification – follows FSI Guidance

Global reach

The Future Supplier Initiative manages multiple supplier cohorts in different geographies and is supported by a collection of organisations.





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